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Programming On a Dedicated Server or A VPS


Before we answer that question, let us answer first what is a VPS and what is a dedicated server. This is very important for us to know exactly where we are going to program.

Let’s first tackle VPS. VPS is the acronym for virtual private server. They are virtual because they are not actually a physical machine, but one of many virtual instances of a machine inside a single server. Private because, like shared hosting services, you are sharing one server hardware to other users, but here, you have your own fixed amount of storage space, processing power, resources and bandwidth separate from others. You can compare owning a VPS service to owning a condo unit. You are sharing one building with others, but you have your own private space where you can do almost anything you want.

Now, we’re going to tackle a dedicated server. As the name implies, a dedicated server is dedicated, only one user is using it at a given time. Naturally, a dedicated server will use a server’s full capacity giving the user more power and bandwidth allocation and speed. Performance can be multifold more powerful than a mid-range VPS. Dedicated servers, in addition, allows you to do everything on it, except for illegal activities. You can set up your own file hosting server, streaming website, large forum and many other performance and bandwidth-intensive projects in a dedicated server, whereas in a VPS, you can’t do that.

VPS vs Dedicated

With the brief information we presented earlier, you already know that the cheapest dedicated server is still more powerful than the highest class VPS server. However, real world things should be considered when choosing whether to program on a dedicated server or a VPS.

Although dedicated servers offer more performance, the price is one thing you will have to consider. Programming on a dedicated server may cost you more than programming on a VPS server. One of the reasons behind this is the amount of time you may have to spend in order to flesh out your web app or website, which, of course, will require you a possible of several months of renting a dedicated server for ~$200 a month. The price and the resources are just wasted during programming and development phase in a dedicated server.

Therefore, your best choice is to program on a VPS – it has a dedicated-server-like environment at a fraction of the cost. For a high-end development needs, $30 a month for a VPS is enough, heck there are even cheap VPS costing only $5-15 a month and can meet the needs of a solo developer. You should only consider using dedicated server near the launch phase in order to actually test your website or web app for performance, functions and more.

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